Bloktopia, a VR metaverse, partners with Animoca Brands, Jake Paul and Bitboy to give users access to crypto information


The world of cryptocurrency includes many nuances unknown to new users, which makes it increasingly difficult for users to navigate. Encrypted Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube contribute to the disjointed information monetary ecosystem that users face.

Fortunately, the concept of metaverse might have the ability to unite information. Simply put, the metaverse aims to bring together interconnected experiences in a single virtual environment. These otherwise isolated experiences are then designed in a way that makes sense for the user.

For example, a user can explore artwork and videos in a game by entering a virtual museum, a single room in a larger virtual world. The user then participates in an experience as a thirsty avatar for knowledge who strives to improve his position in life with educational achievements and expensive assets. Although this is only an example, the concept of the metaverse is clearly illustrated by combining experiences that can be seemingly isolated to define a whole that is more valuable than the individual parts (such as owning digital assets and watch videos).

While many are still quick to attribute a metaverse’s apps to gaming, its uses extend far beyond educational or business apps with a more interactive entertainment capability than the original video game, Pong. Therefore, with the right setup, disjointed data can be eliminated by providing users with the ability to access all crypto related information from one location.

Bloktopia is a virtual reality metaverse that provides users with full experiences with the ability to learn, win, play, and create. The platform itself provides content for users to train in basic and more advanced concepts of digital currencies from the world’s greatest minds while earning income through real estate ownership (including rental) and advertising, playing online games, and networking, four other isolated experiences. When brought together, users will have the opportunity to be part of the community that will shape the use of cryptocurrency for the future.

Asked about their progress so far, Ross Tavakoli, CEO of Bloktopia, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the interest we have generated from investors and are delighted to be able to close our private funding round with incredible backers ”.

A skyscraper filled with knowledge

In reality, the Bloktopia platform is designed as a skyscraper with 21 different levels – in recognition of 21 million Bitcoin (BTC). Each token holder in this framework will be known as the “Bloktopian”, who will then be able to interact on a central hub designed for all levels of crypto experience.

The team released a list of brands that will act as residents of the skyscraper as “anchor tenants”. As leading content creators, users can expect Animoca Brands, Anti Fund, Kucoin, Polkastarter, Travala, Polygon, Avalanche, DuckDao, Collateral, and influencers like Jake Paul, Bitboy, and Wendy-O. These are just a few of the partners that users can expect as several more deals are on the way.

More information on Bloktopia here

In addition, the platform also supports the purchase of real estate by a user, also known as REBLOK. Real estate can be purchased through a portal and later be used as a valuable asset to resell or rent to a tenant. The process can be compared to buying property in the physical world and gives the metaverse a “play to win” component. Users can have their own space that can be personalized to their liking or they can join a tenant board of 100 virtual owners.

Continuous development

On October 5, Bloktopia plans to complete an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) or Initial Play Offering (IGO) on four launch pads, which will follow with the Bloktopia land sales portal. The team sharing this event will provide NFTs with a real use case that can enjoy and generate income.

The rest of the game will launch as a Phase 1 release in March 2022. In the meantime, the team aims to continue creating the content available in the ecosystem and to further increase the number of key stakeholders involved in the game. Bloktopia.

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