Big New Epic Games Store Games All Support Achievements

Three of the biggest new and upcoming titles on the Epic Games Store support the platform’s Achievements feature, which launched in 2021.

Three of the most popular recent and upcoming Epic Games Store releases support the platform’s Achievements feature, allowing players to unlock in-game achievements to display on their profile. Achievements are a relatively new addition to the Epic Games Store and not all games have the feature yet. Therefore, the availability of unlockable achievements for high-level builds indicates that the feature may appear for more games on the platform in the future.


The Epic Games Store launched in late 2018 and functions as both a game launcher and a storefront designed to compete with other online distribution platforms, like Steam. Although the launch of the program was met with frustration by some gamers who were not keen on installing another launcher on their PC, it managed to establish its own niche in the market through a combination of exclusive titles and regular releases of free games on Epic Games Store. Support for unlockable in-game achievements, similar to those available on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, was added to the Epic Games Store in late 2021, but is still unavailable for many titles on the platform.

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The three major new titles with achievements to be added to the Epic Games Store are Contempt, Gotham Knightsand A Plague Tale: Requiem. Each of the three titles offers the chance to earn 1000 XP by unlocking all available achievements, with the number of achievements in each title ranging from just 12 in the HR Giger influenced Contempt to a whopping 48 achievements in the next Gotham Knights. As the Epic Games Store continues to try to compete with the 800-pound gorilla of digital distribution that is Valve’s Steam, adding achievements for new releases like these could help lure some gamers to the platform, making their absence from upcoming releases like the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection seem like a strange omission.

Adding Achievements to the Epic Games Store was Epic’s latest attempt to increase consumer interest in the platform and steer companies away from rival online storefronts like Steam and EA Play, and it remains to be seen whether the players were actually drawn in by the lure of new unlockables. to boost their gaming credibility. The lack of previous achievements, however, was just one of the many complaints some players had for Epic’s storefront. Even though recent updates have attempted to improve discoverability on the Epic Games Store, the inability to easily find games on the platform continues to be a thorn in the side of many gamers.

The addition of achievements to these new releases is good news for trophy hunting fans, but it may not be enough to drive players away from Steam. As Epic faces new threats to its digital storefront thanks to Steam’s tight integration with the hugely successful Steam Deck, it may take more than a new list of unlocks to keep players unlocking. their portfolio on the Epic Games Store.

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