Best Jack Black Movies, Ranked

Jack Black is truly a jack-of-all-trades (pardon the pun). From founding and performing with platinum-selling hard rock band Tenacious D, to appearing across multiple genres in some of the biggest movies of the past decades, to successfully diving headfirst into the world of media social media — taking it by storm and gaining millions of subscribers along the way — there’s not much in the creative industries that Black can’t do.

Known for his unbeatable charisma and physical, expressive comedy, Black first hit the big screen with a number of small roles in movies like the wrecker and enemy of the state. It wasn’t long before his talents were recognized, and he began dominating mainstream comedy films in the early 2000s, being labeled by the media as a member of the ‘frat pack’ along with other comedy giants of the day, including Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. He has since branched out to appear in animated films (Kung Fu Panda, the story of the shark), popular romantic comedies (Vacations), home movies (Gulliver’s Travels, Goosebumps), indies (Bernie) and more dramatic films (King Kong). With dozens of acting credits under his belt, here’s our pick of the 8 best Jack Black movies, ranked.

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8 Vacations

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Although it was released to mixed reviews, Vacations has become something of a beloved Christmas classic. One of the highlights is seeing Jack Black shine against type as one of the two main romantic men alongside Jude Law. Toning down its normal manic approach in favor of a more subtle and nuanced performance, there’s still plenty of wit and humor to be found. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are also terrific, and despite a fairly predictable plot around Christmas romances, the movie still manages to tug on heartstrings every time.

7 kung fu panda

DreamWorks Animation

Coming from DreamWorks Animationthe studio that brought us Shrek and Madagascar, it’s safe to say that expectations were high for their next project, especially when the A-list cast was announced, featuring Jack Black in the lead role, supported by Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan. Fortunately, they completely destroyed it in the park with kung fu panda, and audiences were treated to a beautifully animated film full of martial arts action, wit and heart. Black Voices Po, a clumsy and idle panda, determined to become a master Kung Fu warrior. Since his first appearance in the original film, he has starred in several sequels, shorts, and television series, showing the character’s enduring likability.

6 King Kong

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Jack Black is primarily known as a comedic actor, and a good one at that, but Peter Jackson’s take on the iconic King Kong The franchise allowed Black to flex his dramatic acting skills, and he didn’t disappoint. The movie itself was widely acclaimed, and despite being one of the most expensive movies of all time to make, it still performed well at the box office. This epic adventure film ticks all the right boxes, and it was nice to see Black shine against type.

5 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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This sequel seemed like a strange idea at the time. The original film, released more than 20 years before, had all but been forgotten. Although an enjoyable film with a fantastic premise and strong lead performance by Robin Williams, it opened to mixed reviews and over time was eclipsed by some of the biggest hits. known to Williams in the 90s. However, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle defied all expectations and delivered a highly entertaining comedy adventure film that was fun for the whole family. Incorporating the power duo of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, it acted more like a reboot, taking the original premise and flipping it on its head, making it accessible to today’s audiences. The characters, this time around, have been mysteriously sucked into a video game as opposed to a board game. The main cast did their body-swap rolls perfectly, with Black in particular shining bright playing a girl stuck in Black’s body for her in-game avatar. Luckily, there were still a few nods and references to the original movie, for older audience members to keep the nostalgia alive.

4 Bernie

Castle Rock Entertainment

Jack Black has appeared in some of the most expensive movies ever made, so seeing him in this little indie flick was pretty refreshing. It reminds us of what was endearing about Black in the first place: his inimitable charm. In the black comedy like the night Berniebased on the real murder by 81-year-old millionaire Marjorie Nugent, Black plays the town’s friendly local undertaker. His character is so friendly here that despite his arrest and confession to the heinous murder, the townspeople still rally around him – that’s what we call the charm! This hidden gem is a must for dark comedy and Jack Black fans.

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3 High fidelity

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A clever, engaging and thoroughly entertaining adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name, High fidelity is arguably the film that provided Jack Black with his breakthrough role. Yes, he had acted in many movies before, and yes, John Cusack is in the lead role, but this was the first time the world was truly treated to the black guy we know and love. His role was significant enough to leave a lasting impression in this critically acclaimed cult classic. He and Cusack both shine in this middle-aged rom-com, centering on the life of a record store owner (Cusack) as he looks back on his five major breakups (including one ongoing).

2 Thunder in the tropics

jack-black-tropic-thunder (1)
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Jack Black stars as a drug-addicted prima donna in this hugely successful commercial and critical hit. Thunder in the tropics received numerous accolades, including an Oscar nomination for the performance of Robert Downey Jr. and Golden Globe nominations for him and Tom Cruise. It also became one of the most controversial films of all time, with some finding Downey Jr.’s use of blackface, Ben Stiller’s portrayal of the mentally handicapped, and Cruise’s overly stereotypical Jewish persona particularly offensive and insensitive. . Controversy aside, the premise is certainly intriguing. It follows a group of actors who, while filming a Vietnam War movie in a jungle, encounter real danger and must rely on what they learned while acting to survive. Essentially, the film acts as a parody of the Vietnam War epic of the past. The film also features what is possibly the largest cast ever assembled for a comedy film, including Black, Stiller, Downey Jr., Cruise, Steve Coogan, Bill Hader, Matthew McConaughey, Danny McBride, Nick Nolte, and more celebrities. that you. could shake a stick at.

1 school of rock

Jack Black teaches kids to rest their heads on their hands at School of Rock
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Appreciated by young and old alike, school of rock features Jack Black at his most Jack Black: rock hard, rambunctious and almost impossible not to love. The film was universally acclaimed, not just for Black’s performance, but for the performances of all of the supporting actors (especially the children), as well as the script, humor, and overall cheerful tone. Black stars as a failing rock musician, who poses as a substitute teacher in an attempt to use the students to form a band and enter a contest and win a cash prize. There’s a lot of heart and a lot of laughs, resulting in a well-received Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway adaptation (and a not-so-well-received TV show spin-off).

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