Best games for movie buffs

Video games and movies have a lot in common. They are both visual mediums that use multiple senses, have scripts (most of the time), employ artists and actors (sometimes the same ones), and the list could go on and on.

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While at times the shapes can seem to be at odds, or at opposite ends of a spectrum, they are much more complementary than they appear. The following titles are for those of you who really love movies and all that goes into making them. These recommendations take what’s best in the movie as a medium and apply it to the game.

ten Supermassive games

POV killers in the trailer until dawn

Supermassive Games is responsible for The Dark Pictures Anthology and revered horror game, Until Dawn. Games published by this studio place a heavy emphasis on the mechanics of choosing your own adventure, with multiple endings influenced by player actions.

These titles are cinematic in the purest sense of the word. These games are set up to almost look like playable movies, and they look like they could be. The cinematography of the “shots” resembles the conventions used in contemporary cinema, and not to mention that most of their games feature Hollywood actors.


9 Red Dead Redemption 2

Screenshot of Valentine in the Red Dead 2 launch trailer

This one’s for the western lovers out there. Or, really anyone who enjoys phenomenal storytelling. Red Dead Redemption 2 is known for turning non-gamers into die-hard fans. Like the other entries on the list, the game certainly looks cinematic. The scale of the game is incredibly impressive, and no moment is lacking in visuals.

However, what’s most important about this game is Arthur’s character arc, which avid moviegoers may recognize as a moral development, an almost major archetype that’s so popular in film.

8 tron

Image of Tron arcade game in low light

Perhaps the most classic of screen-to-game adaptations, Tron (1982), if any, has plenty of character. With ambitious visuals and a very modern concept for the time of its release, Tron was one of the first films to focus on the idea of ​​the game and its subsequent industry, and all the creative possibilities it entails. possessed.

Although the original game is hard to find physically, there are countless emulators and copies of it on the internet. Sure, it might not be the most exciting game, but it’s full of nostalgia and can remind gamers of the beginning of the romance between the big screen and the playable game.

7 Pass the popcorn

Slate for Pass the Popcorn game trailer

Unique in that it’s the only board game on this list, Pass The Popcorn is perfect for those who want to impress their friends with their cinematic knowledge. The game is based on trivia, allowing players to guess a movie after receiving specific clues from specific categories (actors, premise, quote, etc.).

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While sometimes movie buffs have to smother all their fun facts about their favorite movies, this game rewards them and is great for bringing to a party or showing their friends how well they really know the art form.

6 Death Stranding

screenshot of Reedus and Seydoux in the Death Stranding launch trailer

The author’s cinematographic tradition is no stronger than with Kojima and his opus, Death Stranding. With a long tradition of producing stunning artwork, it’s no surprise that this title has been in the news so long after its initial release. Starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, this game, which can get a little weird at times, has received critical acclaim from just about every pop culture publication.

Operating on the scale of a sci-fi epic, Death Stranding combines the best parts of film and game as mediums. It’s simply a must-have for gamers and movie buffs.

5 Ring of Elden

Terni accepting help in the Ring of Elden

The latest gaming craze, Elden Ring has a lot going for it: pretty much everything you’d expect from a Souls game. And while not the most “casual” entry on this list, Elden Ring is still a great game for movie buffs, especially if you’re a fan of high fantasy or period pieces like Lord Of The Dead. Rings.

What movie buffs can appreciate about this title is the world building. Sure, that’s what we’ve come to expect from FromSoftware games, but Elden Ring is on its own scale. Every location, enemy, item, and NPC helps weave an ancient and complex world that you can explore for centuries.

4 12 minutes

James McAvoy and Daisy Ridely in 12 minutes

12 Minutes is great for movie buffs as it just might snap them out of their shell. The game only features a bird’s eye view, which isn’t something too common in contemporary movies. Also, if you love movies, chances are you’re a fan of at least one of the very famous actors in this game. The player character is voiced by James McAvoy, who is married to a woman played by Daisy Ridley, oh, and not to mention Willam Dafoe is the other main character.

Incredible and beautifully performed, 12 Minutes is the perfect recommendation for your fellow moviegoers.

3 Revealing Games

Screenshot of Lee and Clem's first encounter in The Walking Dead Game

Telltale Games creates titles perfect for movie fans. Like the Supermassive games, these games are rich in choice and come out sporadically. And many of them are licensed material from movies and television. Fans of Batman and The Walking Dead can find themselves in the worlds they love to watch on screen, manipulating the plot and the characters. Or, they can dive into new worlds and enjoy movie-level cutscenes and beautiful graphic art style.

After announcing their return to the industry, you can look for exciting new titles from Telltale Games.

2 Heavy rain

Heavy Rain Birthday Party Screenshot

Another choice-heavy (duh) game with plenty of endings, Heavy Rain in many ways pioneered an era of more cinematic games. Earning a lot of praise upon release for being “like a movie”, this game perhaps deserves a place on this list above all others.

After a detective story, conspiracies, and a deeply flawed main character, many cinematic tropes and techniques weave their way into this title and make it an incredible experience to have. Heavy Rain fans should also check out Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human.

1 In the middle of the night

Elevator Entrance hall floor 2 In the middle of the night

At Dead Of Night is famous for its villain, the ever-creepy Jimmy, and its visual style. The hyper-real look of the game adds an eerie feel to the player coupled with the live actors creating a harrowing experience.

With live actors and impressive voice acting, At Dead Of Night feels most classically movie-like, although instead of worrying about the main character, you do all the hiding, running, detective work you -same. More so for horror fans, this game offers a unique experience of both gaming and the big screen.

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