Best Christmas board games 2021 for fun with family and friends



As December 25 approaches, it’s time to work your board game muscles. Because if there isn’t at least one gambling-related family feud this year, have you even had a Christmas?

With last year’s festivities being a smaller affair, Christmas 2021 is set to be a traffic jam (or at least we hope so). It’s a reason to get your larger groups of extended family together and do whatever we couldn’t do during the lockdown.

Taking part in this year’s game will be a more exciting event than taking turns playing game master and player with your homesick Spanish roommate. The tense atmosphere of scoring competition escalates when teams of two to four players are involved. Just try not to bicker too much when too many Christmas spirit drinks have turned things around.

There is a wide selection of fun and niche games on the market for all tastes and age groups. Monopoly, the go-to holiday classic, is set to be more popular than ever. Did you know more 250 million Monopoly panels have been sold since 1935? Line them all up, and Santa himself should circle the earth twice to match its length.

From pop culture puzzles and technical tweaks on traditional crowd pleasures to original board games, we’ve compiled a list of the best board games this season. From popular classics to kid-friendly family options, we’ve got you covered.

Get in on the action with some of this year’s latest offers.

Classic: Monopoly for the sore losers


Hasbro revised Monopoly for those who don’t cope well with loss. The twist is you win by doing all the things that would traditionally cost you a loss – go to jail, pay rent on a property, or the ultimate clash, file yourself for bankruptcy! Designed to overturn the beloved game and tickle your funny bone in the process.

Bad girls

Big Potato

Have you always wanted to tell your sister she was a “little grotsky bitch” but never found the words? Here is your chance with the Bad girls Big Potato Games Burn Book game.

Roast your friends and family with this themed board game. In-depth knowledge of iconic quotes desired (but not essential).

The rules are everyone rips up a page, you read a few questions, and then anonymously write down the most outrageous thing you can think of about each other.

Perfect for Bad girls fans, teens and young adults.

Cluedo Liars Edition


This version of Cluedo is all about deception where you have to lie your way to victory without getting caught. If your playmates sniff a rat, they can hit the Liar button which flashes red and can take you down if the truth comes out. A fun twist on the traditional game, it’s perfect for ages eight and up. Requires two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries and Amazon Prime next day delivery is available.

Pictionary Air Family Drawing Game


Technology is breathing new life into classic board games, and this time it’s Pictionary. The new Air allows players to use the included pen with other players who watch what is drawn using the companion app by pointing the camera at the person in the hot seat. The app can also connect to other devices like a Smart TV so all gamers can see what’s drawn on one screen.

A very savvy way to take the tech festivities to the next level (sorry, not sorry).

Monopoly Crooked Cash


Another variation of the classic Monopoly game. This time around, a scammer planted fake cash and fake Chance cards into the mix.

Using the decoder, players can find the fakes and make their fortune. Challenge yourself with the accusation pieces (you only have a few pieces to play so use them wisely!). The player with the most money at the end – whether real or fake – wins.

Herd mentality

Big Potato

“Odd one out” could be an alternate name for this game, in which you all have to write the same answers to a given question – anyone with a different answer gets the dreaded Pink Cow, which they must keep until you find them. ‘another loser be found.

A great game to play with the family, it will force you to think strategically and guess what everyone else might say to stay in the game.

Festival day puzzle

Big Potato

A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to fill the food coma three hours after Christmas dinner. There are 101 world famous bands here to find as you build your festival stage.

A bullet in the dark

A bullet in the dark

Out of 100 babies born in Europe, how many are conceived in an Ikea bed?

If you’re dying to find out, look no further than Shot In The Dark: a trivia game filled with hundreds of the most bizarre and hilarious questions no one will know the answers to.

No boring capital city questions included here. You are sure to accumulate quirky facts and unnecessary knowledge along the way, which you might find useful one day in your local pub quiz.

If you can’t make an educated guess, you’ll have to take a shot in the dark. There is a drinking game package here somewhere …

Relative madness


A PG version of Cards Against Humanity, games are played with one person reading a “set up” card, while everyone else responds with their funniest punchline cards. A different game every time it’s played, it’s great fun getting your loved ones involved during Christmas time. Available for free one-day delivery to Prime members.

Santa Claus joke

Big Potato

This game involves writing as many rhymes as possible in 30 seconds while your team runs to guess them. A festive take on Obama Llama, these nursery rhymes are seasonally themed and utterly silly. ‘Santa’s hat in cow dung’, for example.


Big Potato

A devious game that good bluffers will appreciate. In Snakesss, a new offering from Big Potato, everyone has to try to answer “slippery” multiple choice questions. After a round of debate, the players choose their answers and the points are accumulated by obtaining the correct one.

The catch is, there are snake players sitting among you who already know the answers with the infamous plan to trick others into choosing the wrong answer.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Puzzle

Rockett st george

Drag Race fans are sure to enjoy this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that features 17 of RuPaul’s most iconic looks from Season 13 of the Emmy Award-winning reality show.

How fast can you finish it?

5 Second Spintensity Rule


Perfect for the fast-paced chatterbox, this fast-paced game will have you running to name three things in five seconds before hitting the stopwatch to see what the spinner wants you to do next. You will have to think quickly to stay in the game before the time runs out.

Night at the Cinema: Movie Puzzle

Big Potato

We love a good puzzle. This one is both a 1000 piece puzzle and a movie quiz. The perfect puzzle for puzzle fans and movie buffs.

There are 101 movie-related puzzles to solve as you build and each is the title of a famous movie. Once you’re done building it turns into a Where’s Wally experience where you use the checklist provided to make sure you’ve found every movie. Three games in one to fill a few hours during the Christmas season.

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