Batman’s ex-sidekick Nightwing is Superman’s new mentor

Jon Kent, Earth’s new Superman, receives a helping hand and an understanding ear from none other than Dick Grayson in the upcoming Nightwing # 89.

Bruce Wayne’s adopted son and Clark Kent’s biological son reunite for friendly mentorship in upcoming Night wing # 89.

Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Bruno Redondo, Night wing # 89 sees Jon Kent hanging out with Dick Grayson. DC teased that Nightwing would share his advice and friendship with Jon, who continues to make his way as Earth’s new Superman while his father travels to Warworld. This development mirrors how years ago Nightwing asked Superman for advice on how to move forward in his superhero career after feeling he had moved beyond the role of Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

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Nightwing Blanket # 89

Nightwing blanket variant # 89

Nightwing blanket variant # 89


  • Written by TOM TAYLOR
  • Art and cover by BRUNO REDONDO
  • Cover variant by JAMAL CAMPBELL
  • Cover variant 1:25 by BENGAL
  • $ 3.99 | 32 pages | US $ 4.99 variant (card stock)
  • ON SALE 02/15/22
  • Superman / Nightwing crossing! Years ago, when Robin took his uncertain first steps away from Batman as his own hero, Superman stepped in and offered Dick Grayson crucial advice, support, and a name: Nightwing. Now is the time for Nightwing to reciprocate. To conclude in Superman: Son of Kal-El # 9 in March!

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Nightwing’s connection with Superman dates back to the 1968s Superman # 158, where the Man of Steel and Jimmy Olsen visited the Kryptonian bottled city of Kandor, a place Superman had no power. Taking inspiration from Batman and Robin, Superman and Jimmy Olsen turned to two native birds of Kandor and adopted the costumed identities of Nightwing and Flamebird. Batman and Robin would later visit Kandor in the 1964s The best in the world # 143 and find out those identities, and when Dick Grayson decided to quit the role of Robin in the 1984s Tales of the Teen Titans # 44, he chooses the name Nightwing. At the time, Dick believed that the advice of Batman and Superman had helped him become a man, and he wanted a title that reflected a connection to the two.

In the 2017 series Super son, Jon Kent was established as the best friend of Damian Wayne, the fourth Robin. A space expedition saw Jon age three years, but their recent interaction in the pages of Superman: Son of Kal-El # 1 shows that despite the age difference, Jon and Damian remain close confidants. Jon had fewer interactions with Dick, but given the close relationship between Dick and Damian as established in the Batman and robin 2009 series, it makes sense for the new Man of Steel to turn to the elder sidekick who taught Damian how to be a wonderful boy.

Night wing # 89 goes on sale February 15 from DC.

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