Asmodee, Just Funky Team for Arkham Horror Merch


Asmodee Entertainment has announced a deal with Just Funky for a line of fan-focused housewares and accessories based on the Arkham Horror tabletop game brand.

Arkham Horror from Fantasy Flight Games includes board games Mansions of Madness, Eldritch Horror, and Arkham Horror: The Card Game, among others. The brand is one of over 300 gaming properties in Asmodee Group’s portfolio. Off the table, the Arkham Horror brand is already represented by a range of novels from fictional brand Aconyte Books from Asmodee Entertainment, as well as licensed art books from Dark Horse Books.

“As someone who enjoys playing Arkham Horror, I am very excited to launch our new partnership with Asmodee!” says Angie Hoyer, Senior Licensing Manager, Just Funky.

The company is considering a collector-based approach to the range of housewares and accessories, including everything from coasters and cup holders to wall art, throws and lamps, to bags. tote bags, cords, stationery and more.

“For many Arkham Horror fans, the deep mystery and exciting adventures they experience in the brand’s variety of games are an integral part of their lives,” says Alexander Thieme, Head of Licensing, Products at consumption, Asmodee Entertainment. “It’s wonderful to have Just Funky on board. We love their products and can’t wait to see what they come up with to excite fans.

The first items in Just Funky’s new Arkham Horror product line are expected to launch in retail and online in spring 2022.

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