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SHASN: AZADI launches on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on September 7th.

“This land does not belong to anyone, my lord.”

A close-up of blood-red eyes pierced the camera as those first words were spoken. The camera slowly follows to reveal a face covered in soot as flames flicker in the background. The voice of a revolutionary delivers a burning indictment against colonization.

This 90 second teaser, directed by Anand Gandhi, is a perfect introduction to the world of SHASN: AZADI. Designed and produced by Zain Memon, AZADI is a board game about revolution and politics. Each player puts themselves in the shoes of a revolutionary, struggling to free their nation from the clutches of tyrannical imperial power as they relive and rewrite stories.

AZADI is a standalone expansion of SHASN – the hugely popular political strategy board game that has reintroduced India into tabletop games. SHASN creator Zain Memon has been a driving force in the country’s growing board game industry. This time around, newbie Abhishek Lamba, one of the region’s top emerging game designers, joins him at the designer table.

“Games are the future of storytelling. As a creator, games allow me to create personal lived experiences for gamers. With AZADI, I wanted the players to relive the greatest moments in history when democracy was born. And in doing so, better understand what it takes to protect our freedom, ”Zain shares.

This isn’t the first time Anand Gandhi has introduced disruptive creators to the world. AZADI is his latest release as a producer, adding to an impressive list of references, which includes the likes of Theseus ship, An insignificant man, Tumbbad, and Hotstar OK Computer.

“Our studio wants to facilitate the most exciting new creators, telling the most revolutionary stories. AZADI is the latest chapter in our ambition to share powerful media experiences that resonate with people around the world, ”said Gandhi.

SHASN: AZADI launches on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on September 7th.

Watch the launch trailer here:

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