Alternative Muv-Luv Developers Provide Update on Future After Mobile Game Pulled From Stores


Muv-Luv fans may have to wait a bit before they can play the brand new mobile game Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative again.

It looks like Muv-Luv fans might have to wait a while before they can play the brand new mobile game Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative again.

The game was released on March 17 as scheduled, but problems with the servers caused emergency maintenance until the following day. Players were then able to play for a few hours (and personally, the game is actually very slick), but then a critical glitch was found, forcing the developer to shut down the game once again, before removing it from stores altogether. to avoid confusion.

Today, publisher aNCHOR hosted a brief live stream in which production manager Sho Hamanaga apologized for the issues.

Hamanaga-said that the development team is working hard to investigate the issue, but the cause is still unknown, so they cannot provide a prediction on when service might resume. They will make an announcement on the status of the investigation and what they will do to remedy the situation no later than Friday, March 25.

In addition to this, the team wants to ensure that no further issues occur after the service is reopened. She therefore wants to take the time to carry out the necessary checks once the root cause of the problem has been established. As a result, it is highly likely that service will not resume for about a month.

Regarding invoicing and storage of saved data, the team undertakes to do its best to respond to player requests.

Immortals: Alternative Muv-Luv is a mobile game for iOS and Android. You can also check out previous gameplay trailers and another,

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