ACE family reportedly sued for $ 65,000 as more lawsuit details leak online


Popular YouTubers in the ACE family continue to face financial woes as more details of their pending lawsuits are leaked online, with documents indicating they would be sued for $ 65,000.

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz of the ACE family are becoming a hot topic on social media after several alleged lawsuits against the couple surfaced online.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the YouTube duo – who are best known for their popular family vlogs and annual charity basketball game – are facing a pre-foreclosure for allegedly failing to make payments on their $ 7 million mansion.

It was later reported that the ACE family was the subject of two different lawsuits, while Austin McBroom faced backlash for allegedly failing to pay influencers involved in the platform battle in June.

Now more details have been released alleging that the ACE family is being sued for $ 65,000 by their former landlord over the premature termination of their contract and non-payment of rent. The property reportedly cost the couple $ 7,000 in rent per month.

That’s not all; documents also show that the YouTube duo allegedly refused to pay Subify, a social media platform aggregator, an amount of $ 120,455.

Additional documentation also highlights an ongoing lawsuit against Catherine Paiz by TBL, which has sparked speculation about the potential benefits of the ACE family partnerships.

Previously uncovered lawsuits against the ACE family include the Subify drama, as well as a lawsuit against a construction equipment rental company, named “Ahern Rentals, which was filed in April 2021.

McBroom and the ACE family have been at the center of a turning drama as new details of their financial struggles come to light amid the ongoing Social Gloves influencer pay scandal.

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