ACA NeoGeo series debuts on Play Store with three games

The ACA NeoGeo series has been around in one form or another on various platforms for quite some time now. These are basically slightly modified ports of some classic arcade games. So somewhere between a direct conversion and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. Sort of. And now you can get three from the Play Store.

The three games in question are Samurai Shodown IV, Alpha Mission II, and Metal Slug V. All classics, we think you’ll agree. And that’s probably just the start of releases, as over a hundred games have been released as part of the service.

Let’s take a closer look at the first three games that came out, okay? You can click on the names of the games below to download them from the Play Store. They are $ 3.99 each. Costs.

A classic scrapper first released in 1996. You choose a fighter and face off against a series of opponents, using combos and weapons to try and take them down. There are some nifty ideas, and fighting fans will love it.

This one first landed in arcades in 1991. It’s a top-down shooter with armor mods and massive explosions that’s pretty much guaranteed to keep your fingers busy.

A gorgeous and glorious platform-blasting masterclass that takes ideas from previous games in the series and runs away with them, laughing and shooting things as he does. It first came out in 2003, and it’s crazy and uplifting in all good ways.

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