7 Dungeons & Dragons DMs That Turn Roleplaying Into Art

Brian Murphy sometimes better known as “Murph”, leads the merry band of misfits that is Not Another D&D Podcast better known as “NADDPOD”. With the stellar cast of Zac Oyama, Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz and Caldwell Tanner, Murph crafts incredible stories with a different cast of player characters each season. The NADDPOD team even takes turns DMing sometimes, so each season is a wonderful journey of delight (and new perspectives.) You know a 100% comedian podcast is going to be funny, but you don’t maybe not expect it. to have such an incredible heart.

Julia Lepetit

Julia Lepetit

Dungeon master or still-living Eldritch entity? You decide.

Julia Lepetit isn’t just an amazing dungeon mistress, she’s an incredibly talented performer. Drawtectives is a wild version of the traditional Dungeons and Dragons. Julia draws each background and NPC character by hand. Most DMs use the theater of the mind to create their worlds and stories, but Julia brings it all to life with remarkably elegant artistry. The cast of characters, brought to life by the rest of the hilarious Drawing costs crew Jacob, Karina and Nathan, are hand-drawn by the artists who play them. Adding another twist is that they actually solve a mystery every season!

Full disclosure, at least some of the people on this list are my personal friends (guess which ones and you win the Cracked prize! That’s a half-eaten bag of plains!) but no one on this list has paid me or even known that I was writing this. I just sincerely want you all to know that these dungeon masters are truly worthy of the title “master”.

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