2021 Week 13 Steelers Vs Vikings Live Update & Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ first half really couldn’t have been worse. Defense has become completely MIA in every sense of the word. Vikings receivers open wide all over the pitch and wide open spaces for their running backs every time they touch the ball. And as bad as the defense is, the offense hasn’t been at all better, with Roethlisberger seemingly sacked every other pullback. A truly soulless effort all around.

First half stats say pretty much everything you need to know about this game.

Of course, he looks like quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says “Let me call the games”, to Mike Tomlin who is on the sidelines after the last sack.

After another flag on special teams, the Steelers offense will start the second half from its own 12-yard line.

The Vikings and Steelers exchange penalties on the third down. Roethlisberger was sacked again on the third try.

Troy Aikman puts it well, “small victory” for this defense of the Steelers as they maintain the offensive of the Vikings on a field goal. 26-0 Vikings.

The longest streak of Najee’s career is followed by a Big Ben interception.

Looks like the Steelers will be without their OTHER outside linebacker.

With TJ Watt already out for the game, it looks like Derrek Tuszka and Taco Charlton could be all that’s left to close the away game.

Minkah Fitzpatrick is called up for unnecessary roughness on a stroke that caused an incomplete in the end zone. Looks like it was clean and Joe Haden agrees.

Joseph scores another basket. The Vikings lead 29-0.

The Steelers offense can’t complete a screen or get a clean transfer. Summarizes the game so far.

Najee Harris still plays strong and turns what seemed like a loss into a first down on a third down.

Finally, a big game of this attack of the Steelers after a simultaneous catch is granted to James Washington.

WE HAVE POINTS !!! Roethlisberger found Najee Harris flat for the first points of the Steelers game. 29-7 Vikings.

Ahkello Witherspoon makes his first interception as the Steelers. If the Pittsburgh offense can score here before the quarter is over, we can have something here.

We’ll head into the final quarter 29-7 with the Steelers inside the Vikings 10-yard line.

Najee Harris finishes the race behind Jon Leglue, all of a sudden the Steelers are showing some life. Steelers Trail 29-14.

The game is not yet over after the Steelers’ defense held up strong for a three and one out.

Back-to-back explosive plays from this receiving core of the Steelers and Steelers shoot to under 9 after a failed 2 point conversion.

The return is blocked after a deep touchdown by the Vikings. Looks like the receiver may have fled with a push. The Vikings lead 36-20.

After three straight races, the Steelers will hand the ball over to the Vikings.

Dalvin Cook has just crossed the 200 rushing yard mark on this record.

Witherspoon with his second interception of the game. The Steelers will start the drive on the Vikings’ 21.

The Steelers cut the game down to under-eight after a Friermuth touchdown and a two-point conversion. The Steelers still lag 28-36.

The defense holds and the Steelers will recover the ball. It’s not an easy task, it will take 96 yards to try to equalize this thing with a two point conversion.

Pat Freiermuth can’t bring the catch back to center by contact and that will be the end of the game. The Steelers lose to the Vikings 36-28.

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