102 free or discounted apps and games for Android

We arrived on the last day of 2021 with another list of on sale or free apps and games for Android, compiled this Friday (31) including a total of 102 titles that are temporarily up to 80% off in various categories. . are with. , including education, equipment and sports.

The list is varied and offers options for all users, space enthusiasts who want a more regulated financial life next year, and it is possible to install an app with promotional value that will allow you to go with the flow of international space. Gives stations (ISS, abbreviation in English), in real time, among many other applications.

In the free options, no payment is required, even when the temporary offer expires, just add an app or game to your account library to save it for life. With the discount options, you can pay with your account balance or your credit card.

To take it even further, be aware that some offers are good for up to a week, while others have not disclosed their promotional period, so there is a possibility that you are heading towards the date you are reading this article. No free time or with discount.

Check out the list curated by TudoCellular to register on the Play Store:

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