10 of the most successful Kickstarter RPG campaigns of all time

Kickstarter is a hugely popular crowdfunding site used by all kinds of startups, art projects, movies, and games to raise money in exchange for later delivering a finished product. It can be a good tool for small businesses that otherwise wouldn’t have the seed capital to launch a project.

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Several tabletop roleplaying game related products have found huge success on Kickstarter, from full games to J&D game accessory extensions. Kickstarter was recently the subject of controversy after announcing the integration of blockchain technology into its business practices, but these ten projects have exceeded their competitors to deliver the promised products and much more .

ten The One Ring is a new version of the Lord of the Rings role-playing game

The One Ring, Second Edition grossed just over $1.8 million. First released in 2011, this game seeks to be the latest in modern the Lord of the Rings Roleplay. The second edition features updated and simplified rules based on player feedback from the previous edition. This caused some concern from the RPG community as to whether Kickstarter was the appropriate place to raise funds for such a prestigious property, but it didn’t hurt its end result.

9 Heliana’s guide to monster hunting lets players hunt monsters and use their coins

Helianas monster hunting guide

This supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition grossed nearly $2 million in its 2021 Kickstarter campaign. It includes everything gamers need to perform monster hunter-style hunts and craft new items with the materials they harvest. It exceeded all of its stretch goals, which included additional playable races and subclasses, a soundtrack, several pets, digital tokens for online play, and a short adventure. The book, along with several bonus items, is expected to ship in 2022.

8 Tanares RPG for 5e brought in some of the hobby’s heavy hitters

Tanares RPG Books

Crossing the threshold of 2 million dollars, Tannarès for 5th is a set of three main sources for use with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. These include the Tanares Player’s Guide, the Tanares Campaign Source Book, and Adventure in the realms of madness.

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It features contributions from Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood, 5th writer Robert Schwalb and Hugo Award-winning author Kij Johnson. The campaign achieved many of its lofty goals, including 28mm miniatures, a premium dice set, and an art book.

seven Strongholds and Followers offered a different style of D&D

J&D YouTube creator Matthew Colville brought this 5th supplement to Kickstarter in early 2018 and raised $2.1 million. The book includes rules for raising armies and running dungeons during high-level downtime. Its expanded goals included new varieties of dragons, an adventure in an abandoned tower, and several new items that were both magical and mundane. Fortresses and supporters was one of the top 100 Kickstarter campaigns of all time, and Colville launched a campaign for a companion book, Kingdoms and War, in 2019.

6 Dungeon Alchemist is a new way to draw maps

dungeon alchemist with kickstarter sticker

Raising nearly $3 million, Dungeon Alchemist is an AI-powered mapping tool for medieval fantasy RPGs. It allows players to draw rhaps on a grid and will automatically populate them with doors, walls, lighting, and objects.

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Players can then modify these assets to suit their game, and the files are printable and compatible with multiple virtual tabletop software. Dungeon Alchemist was supposed to be released in January 2022, but development delays pushed it back to March 2022.

5 Hero Forge 2.0 updated popular tool

This highly successful campaign raised $3.1 million in its 2020 campaign. It was an upgrade to the popular site Hero Forge, a fully customizable tool that allows users to design thumbnails for n any genre and order them or 3D print them. Hero Forge 2.0’s biggest draw was the addition of colors. It offers users the option of having their miniatures printed in full color or designing a color scheme to be recreated by professional artists.

4 Reaper Miniatures Bones is still very popular

reaper bones logo

This 2012 project from Reaper Miniatures introduced the now hugely popular Bones line and raised $3.4 million. It featured dozens of Reaper-style miniatures, largely made up of classic fantasy monsters and heroes. Stretch lenses included under official license Scout miniatures, dungeon furnishings, giants, dragons, and a massive C’thulhu figurine. Reaper Bones figurines are still very popular and can be found at most craft stores today.

3 Pixels lets gamers ride in style

pixels light up dice

This campaign aimed to up the ante on flashy dice by adding Bluetooth-controlled lights and raised $3.5 million. Pixels are a set of polyhedral dice that can light up in different patterns, controlled via a smartphone app.

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The campaign also promises that they will be compatible with programs like Roll20, capable of transmitting a physical dice roll to the virtual table. The electronic component supply shortage and shipping delays made this project more difficult to complete, but the developers continue to release regular updates.

2 Dwarven Forge has a lot of successful campaigns

dwarven forge wild land terrain

Dwarven Forge ran several popular Kickstarter campaigns, but Wildlands was their most successful, grossing just over $4 million. It was a set of modular terrain pieces for tabletop games, focusing on outdoor spaces and functionality. More than 150 trees, plants, rock formations and bodies of water were included in the campaign. The stretch goals included additional tiles, J&D and wargame scenarios for each biome, and J&D statistics for the various creatures found in Wildlands.

1 Avatar Legends is the undisputed best dog

avatar captions

This official RPG adaptation of the beloved Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender topped all competitions during its August 2021 Kickstarter campaign, raising over $9 million. This is a Powered by the Apocalypse game with new gameplay mechanics for bending and combat and promises to support play through all eras of the franchise. This highly anticipated project has also drawn some criticism from the RPG community. the Avatar The intellectual property is owned by a huge media company in Viacom, which raises questions about the ethics around such a large company that appropriates the crowdfunding model.

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