10 great games that will disappear when you close the 3DS eShop


The inevitable closure of the Nintendo 3DS eShop is long overdue and therefore it is not surprising that it will drop in January 2022. Along with its closure, a large selection of titles will disappear into the void, impossible to know. ‘be purchased digitally from that point on.

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Fortunately, many games also have ports to other systems even if they don’t make the jump to the Switch. Not all of them, however, and some games will simply be lost to older systems that saved them to an SD card.

ten Castlevania knocks out some titles

Castlevania Shadow Lord Mirror of Fate

Dark lords and Mirror of fate are excluded from the Switch eShop, which is a bit frustrating for some fans of the franchise. Despite being a cult classic, Castlevania tends to get the butt of the stick a lot with things like this.

There is, however, hope that this means that there is more Castlevania games being ported or games in the same vein are heading to the Switch library.

9 Crimson Shroud goes away

Crimson Shroud

Crimson Shroud is almost a tabletop RPG in digital format. There are dice and numbers, and the best part is that this was the first game Yasumi Matsuno had worked on since. Final Fantasy XII. It was half a video game, half an interactive adventure, and it was all fun. He took the best parts of a table and put it with a video game engine, then coupled with the amazing art of Matsuno with great success.

However, it has yet to migrate to Switch, and unless something changes, it will disappear once the store closes in January.

8 Harvest Moon goes to bed one last time

Harvest Moon A New Beginning

A New Beginning, Skytree Village, Lost Valley, and Tale of two cities all go to bed one last time before the store closes. A new start in particular was an amazing addition to the franchise with customization right down to where the village buildings were going to be placed, something few other farming sims dare to try.

Many farming simulators are heading to the Switch if they haven’t already arrived to fill that void, however, those nostalgic titles won’t be one of them.

7 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Fall Distance Decreases

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that extends its lore with every incarnation, including games outside of the Main Trinity. Kingdom Hearts 3 even had to remind players of everything that happened while he was away, explaining in optional videos about the other games. Including Dream fall distance which will only be available to players on the 3DS eShop for a few months.

It was certainly an odd addition to the series, but it gave players a little more time with Roxas than they have in the main series and sheds a little more light on the world he had to live with. .

6 Legend Of Zelda only keeps the latest additions

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Link playing Ocarina

Fan favorite games in the The Legend of Zelda franchise including Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask are not going to go up. Instead, the only games available start with Skyward sword and Breath of nature.

Which makes a bit of sense considering Breath of the wild is by far the best of the series and ushered in some serious changes to the Open World genre. It’s just a little overwhelming for fans of some of the older titles like Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask know that they will disappear in January.

5 Pokémon takes a massive hit

Anime Pokemon Yellow Surfing Pikachu

The ports of the first two generations of Pokemon will disappear again once the store is closed. Back on the 3DS, these digital ports could also be used to display old movements from the first and second generation games of Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

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Besides, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, Y, Sun, Moon, and their Ultra the counterparts are other major versions that do not progress. There’s also a list of spinoffs and additional games that won’t do, including two Mystery Dungeon Games, To mix together, Picross, and Rumble World. At least there hasn’t been any news on the Bank and Carrier will stop running, so there is still hope that the creatures can still be brought to Home.

4 Sadame is left behind


A fun little action-adventure with a little RPG thrown in is Sadame. It is set in the feudal era in Japan and features extremely engaging boss fights. This can be a bit difficult to understand in translation, and doesn’t do much of a grasp to help players understand the mechanics. Even so, it’s a fun little game that makes up for the simpler combat mechanics outside of bosses.

Sadly, that doesn’t go to the Switch. At least the game won’t be ripped from the 3DS SD card, so it can still be played on an older system that has it.

3 Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword gracefully stays where it started

Sakura Samurai: The Art of the Sword is an action-adventure game that was developed by Nintendo exclusively for the 3DS eShop and that is where it will stay. It follows an unnamed protagonist who was trained by an old Kappa throughout their charming game full of charming images and interesting storylines.

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It is also broadcast in PAL regions as a Hana Samurai: The Art of the Sword. Neither title is due to come out of the 3DS where it started, much to the disappointment of fans around the world.

2 The Sims 3 will just have to stay on PC

The Sims 3 Sims & Cars

As one of the most popular of Sims franchise, the third installment had a port on the 3DS. However, it is not added to the library for updated consoles. Anyone who wants to play it will have to either use their old system or remove it from Origin in the future.

The game lent itself pretty well to portable play, unlike Sims 2, who tried and failed miserably to port on consoles on several occasions. It’s a shame all things considered, like now The sims will end up without much towards its console base once the shop is closed and Sims 3 bites the dust.

1 Story Of Seasons leaves it to beginners

History of Seasons Trio of Cities

When the copyright of the title of Harvest moon ended up being a bit lost, History of seasons came to fill the void through Natsume. He ended up breaking up entirely to do his own little series once. Harvest moon ended up being recovered. Unfortunately, the original incarnation of the title does not evolve, and Trio of cities.

Instead, the only one History of seasons the games that will be available on the Switch are already here. Any new ones that might come out will obviously also be available, but those two older ones will be left on the old system.

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