10 Game Genres We’d Love To See Pokémon Tackle

the Pokemon The franchise began with RPGs, and the main series games continue to be in that genre to this day. This trend is unlikely to change much anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that Pokemon never dips its toes into other genres.

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Pokemon derivative games have long been ways to watch the Pokemon universe from a different perspective, introduce unique new gameplay elements and put another spin on the incredibly successful franchise. Recent fallout pokemon unite and Pokemon Legends: Arceus delve into the MOBA and adventure genres respectively, but there are plenty of genres still untouched by Pokemon. These could each present unique opportunities for new Pokemon playability.

ten An RTS Could Feature Ancient Pokemon Wars


Real-time strategy games, or RTS, are typically top-down strategy games in which the player commands armies of units in a dynamic struggle to generate resources and attack enemy positions. A Pokemon The RTS game might avoid the genre’s usual war setting, but not necessarily. There have been many wars in the history of the Pokemon world, and a sufficiently cartoonish or family-friendly RTS game might be the perfect place to showcase them.

9 A visual novel could highlight the characters

Wally in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Visual novels delicately distinguish between video games and prose. They usually offer branching narrative paths based on player decisions. Many feature romantic intrigue, but it doesn’t have to be. Pokemon games usually have some sort of storyline, but they don’t always mesh well with battle-based gameplay. A Pokemon the visual novel could present an opportunity to focus on the story, perhaps expanding on some of the franchise’s well-known characters.

8 Players could use their imaginations in a TTRPG

pokemon team rocket

the Pokemon The collectible card game is hugely popular, proving that there is a market for Pokemon games beyond the world of video games. Several fan projects have sprung up to model the experience of playing a Pokemon adventure as a tabletop roleplaying game, but an official game might be another choice added to the pool. RPGs based on popular franchises are very much in vogue right now, so now is the perfect time to Pokemon jump on board.

seven Tower Defense is perfectly suited to Pokémon

Bloons Tower Defense 1 Classic Flash Game 2007

The tower defense genre has gained popularity in flash games, especially the Bloons Tower Defense series. Today, this franchise has enjoyed a resurgence with releases on Steam. Tower defense games are known for their over-the-top units, flashy visuals, and colorful graphics.

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These qualities are a match made in heaven for Pokemonand it is not difficult to imagine the different Pokemon moves and abilities are translated into tower defense.

6 Pokémon would make great characters in a hero shooter

Blastoise in Pokemon

Hero shooters like Monitoring, Team Fortress 2, Apex Legendsand Valorant feature small teams of unique characters with carefully crafted abilities working together to achieve certain goals. just like pokemon unite mitigated MOBA gender violence, a Pokemon the hero shooter would need to find an alternative to the lethal violence common to the genre. Once that hurdle is cleared, the wealth of unique characters in Pokemon would make a perfect roster for a hero shooter.

5 Pokémon is already getting closer to sports

Leon smiles at his Charizard

Pokemon has always bypassed the sports genre. pokemon unite features a goal mechanism reminiscent of basketball or football, while Pokémon Sword and Shield spin the pokemon league as a sports organization.

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There’s a lot of untapped potential in an off-roader Pokemon sports game. The player could manage a gym, keep track of their trainers and Pokémon while taking on challengers.

4 Pokémon has already made a turn-based tactical game, of sorts

Main series Pokemon games have always been turn-based, but it is possible to take this mechanic even further and apply it to a tactical game. Pokemon Game. Like Pokemon Unite, a tactic Pokemon the game would need to tone down the violence compared to a series of games like XCOM. Pokemon Conquest dipped its toe into this genre, but there’s plenty of room for future games to fully embrace the conventions of tactical games.

3 A 4X game could show world history

Games Pokemon Diamond Sinnoh Solaceon Unown Ruins

These strategy games are defined by resource management systems, expansive territories, and unit-based combat. the Pokemon games often refer to ancient civilizations, wars or conflicts. These leave their traces in the different regions of the Pokemon ruined world, ancient Pokémon and ancient architecture. These ancient peoples could be actors in a Pokemon 4X play, with the player overseeing the construction of what will eventually become the Ruins of Alph or the Pokémon Tower

2 An MMO is ready for Pokémon

Art for Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl featuring the main characters.

If there is a gender, it seems that Pokemon should have tried it already, it’s Massive Multiplayer Online game. These games feature huge worlds to explore with friends, quests to drive that exploration, and rewards when those quests are completed.

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MMOs aren’t as popular today as they were ten years ago, but there are still plenty of gamers looking for an online world to hang out with their friends. The world of Pokemon is perfect for this kind of game, with multiple regions and nearly a thousand Pokémon to choose from.

1 Metroidvania is a popular genre just waiting for the Pokémon treatment

Pokemon team rocket meowth mecha pikachu

The genus Metroidvania takes its name from a portmanteau of metroid and Castlevania. These games are defined by non-linear exploration and progression, high difficulty, and a massive amount of collectibles. These games have long been among the most popular in video games, so a Pokemon The Metroidvania game would be sure to be a huge hit. It could feature a main Pokemon, or even use different Pokemon to access different areas.

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