10 board games that are already modern classics

Many new table games come out every year with varying degrees of success. Some games do very well in the hobby and with mainstream audiences while others remain niche titles with a small fan base. Modern board games never achieve the social status of classics, such as Monopolybut in a few cases, new games can go on to sell millions.

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Modern games tend to go unnoticed, whether due to small print runs, lack of advertising, or games aimed at enthusiasts rather than a wider consumer base. However, some games break the mold and become classics in their own right.

ten Kingdomino spins the dominoes on his head

Kingdomino board game played on table

UK is a family game that first came out in 2016. The game won the coveted German Game of the Year award, The Spiel Des Jahres, and sales immediately took off. UK maintained its popularity by releasing a giant version of the game, spinoffs, sequels, and expansions. The game even had a Target exclusive version released. Families all over the world love the bright colors, easy gameplay, and thoughtful choices of this adorable and welcoming game. Fans and casual gamers hold the game in high esteem; it is now considered a modern classic by many.

9 Wingspan brought new players into the hobby

Most games provide players with familiar themes such as fantasy and science fiction. wingspan brought a new perspective to the hobby with a theme of birds and their habitat. The game was much more popular than expected, and the publisher sold copies at an alarming rate.

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wingspan provides stunning artwork and components, intriguing gameplay, and is designed by a woman – a rarity in the board game industry. The game went on to have many articles written about its success and transcended the hobby in many ways.

8 King of Tokyo lets players become giant monsters

King of Tokyo Board Game Now Playing

king of tokyo is a Yahtzeestyle dice game where players take on the role of giant kaiju monsters as they roll dice to deal damage, gain points, and more. In the game, players can gain energy to spend on powerful cards, giving them an edge over their opponents. king of tokyo has been popular since its first release in 2011. The game has received several awards and sold many copies. The inviting art style brings the theme to life in this fun game designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering.

seven Codenames turn players into secret agents

Board Game Setup and Game Ready

Code names is a board game that brings a modern twist to the table. In the game, a grid of word cards is placed on the table and all players divide into two competing teams. One player from each team provides clues to their teammates, trying to get them to guess specific words in the grid. The game is a very tense experience as players try to guess correctly and avoid guessing their opponent’s words. There is also always a single word that if a team guesses, they immediately lose the game, which forces players to constantly guess and guess themselves.

6 Catan is synonymous with board games

Settlers of Catan Trading Resource Cards

Catania was first released in Germany in 1995. The game has steadily grown in popularity and is now a household name that is mentioned very often in the board game hobby. Catania has been referenced or acted in TV shows, movies, etc.

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Catania can be found in almost any store in the world that sells board games; it became one of the best-selling games of all time. There are also several spinoffs and expansions available for fans to add something new to a game they know and love.

5 Dixit brings creativity to the table

Dixit board game setup and ready to play

Said is similar to other board games at first sight. Each turn, the active player chooses a card from their hand and gives a clue. Then all other players also choose a card from their hand that they think matches the clue. The chosen cards are shuffled and placed on the table for each player to choose the card they think is the active player’s card. The game offers a unique way of scoring points where the goal of the active player is to get some people to guess the card but not everyone, which leads to some very fun and weird clues.

4 Azul is strategic and beautiful

Azul board game played on table

Azul is a mind-blowing board game that offers players a good amount of strategy in a short amount of time. In the game, players attempt to build a beautiful tile wall by drawing beautiful tiles from the center of the table. Many gamers feel that the game offers the perfect mix of strategy, fun, and components, which has led to it becoming one of the most popular games of recent years. Azul spawned three additional versions of the game, all of which received excellent reviews from the tabletop gaming community.

3 Carcassonne showed players what laying tiles was

Carcassonne board game being played and box

Carcassonne is considered one of the most welcoming games ever made. The game features a simple idea where players draw a tile on their turn and play it on the table, connecting it to other tiles. The game doesn’t stop there, however, as players can put miniature wooden figures – called “meeples” – on the tiles. Essentially, players can build the game board as they play it. Carcassonne sold millions of copies and remained one of the evergreen titles in the board game hobby.

2 The pandemic has defined the cooperative gaming genre

Pandemic board game played on table

Many newcomers to board games are shocked to find that some games are not competitive at all. Many board games allow all players to work as a team to play against the game itself. Pandemic is the most popular game in the cooperative genre where players work together to treat viruses, discover cures and save lives.

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Pandemic the popularity has led to numerous expansions, spin-offs, and releases. The company behind Pandemic now has a whole series of games that use the Pandemic Brand.

1 Ticket To Ride showed gamers the joy of trains

Ticket To Ride board game being played

Train games are very popular in the hobby. However, practice games rarely cross into the mainstream as they are usually complex, highly strategic, and time-consuming to play. Ticket to ride broke all of these notions upon release as the game offered players a more inviting and palatable type of train play. In the game, players collect cards and spend them to place their trains on routes. The game offers a relaxing experience while giving players the ability to cut and outplay their opponents.

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