10 Best Star Wars Board Games

A very long time ago, star wars entered the world of film and has since expanded into almost every form of media. The Galactic War story has spawned many tabletop games over the decades of its existence, and while they all capture the essence of the franchise, the Force is stronger with some.

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The star wars board games range from themed interpretations of classic games like Battleship all-new experiences that replicate battles from the movies. star wars is packed full of iconic ships, characters, and machines, and some of the best games out there have detailed miniatures of these things. There are options for quick play sessions and longer multi-hour adventures, but whatever gamers and fans want to play will feel transported to a galaxy far, far away.

ten Space birds take flight in Angry Birds Star Wars: Jenga Battle Game

The angry Birds the franchise got a star wars makeover in its mobile game, and this version has come to life thanks to the Angry Birds Star Wars: Battle of Jenga Games. Much like the mobile game, players are tasked with throwing birds at blocks and trying to shoot pigs.

There are several versions of Angry Birds Star Wars: Battle of Jenga which include Death Star, Bespin, and Hoth localization themes, among several others. The birds are also inspired by the characters. It’s a great game for kids and anyone looking for a casual gaming experience.

9 Star Wars Catch Phrase is a fun word game

In Slogan, the players circulate an electronic disc on which appears a word. The player holding the disc must make the other players say the word using clues. If they succeed, they pass the disc to the next person until the time runs out.

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The star wars cleverly transforms the disc into a Millennium Falcon and extracts the words from a star wars Word bank. It’s a great game for long-time fans who can create easy clues, but it also provides an entertaining challenge for new fans.

8 Collect characters and win big with The Something Wild! Star Wars Editions

Something wild! is a card game from Funko. It is played similarly to rummy, where players collect character cards in sets to score points. something wild! also features Power Cards, which can add a twist to its gameplay, varying the way players collect and score cards.

There are three versions of the game themed around the original trilogy, Boba Fett and The Mandalorian. Each set comes with a collectible Funko POP. figure. Players can combine these sets to expand the fun into the far reaches of the star wars galaxy.

seven Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit returns in Episode I

Star Wars: The Queen’s Bet was released in 2000, just after The Phantom Menace, and allows players to recreate the final battles from the previous film. The game is played with two decks of action cards, dice, and over 150 detailed miniatures.

Players choose between the Trade Federation or The Gungan/Naboo/Jedi and face off through four battles, including the Gungan battle against the Trade Federation on Naboo, Queen Amidala and her entourage storming the palace, Duel of the Fates Jedi vs. Sith battle, and the epic space battle between the forces of Naboo and the Trade Federation. The game is quite fun, even if players are not big fans of the previous movie.

6 Star Wars Battleship puts classic naval warfare in space

The star wars version of the classic game Battleship has seen several releases themed around The Original and Prequel trilogies. Whether set in the Republic era or the Imperial era, both games offer a tradition Battleship experience with a star wars turn.

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Instead of boats, players must place familiar ships from the star wars movies on their side of the board. Players take turns launching strikes at the enemy by guessing the coordinates. The winner is decided by whoever destroys the other’s ships first.

5 Star Wars Risk has several options for Epic Wars

There are three versions of Risk: Star Wars Edition and each offers a fantastic strategic space battle experience. In the 2015 version, players play on a Tie Fighter-shaped board, re-enacting the final moments of the Battle of Endor.

It’s a game of rebels against the Empire as players roll dice and move figures. star wars ships en route to destroy or defend the Death Star. The other two versions feature battles taking place during the clone wars series and through the original trilogy of films – although these versions were released in 2005 and 2006, so they might be harder to find than a Rebel base.

4 Build decks for the Rebels or the Empire in Star Wars: The Card Game

Star Wars: The Card Game is a two-player deck-building game full of missions, familiar characters, and blaster shootouts. Players take on the role of either the Rebels, including Jedi, Smugglers, Spies, and the Rebel Alliance, or the Empire, including the Sith, Imperial Navy, and Scum and Villainy factions.

Players have decks of objective cards and character cards, each with beautiful artwork, and work to attack enemy objectives while defending their own. There are plenty of cards to collect and play with, so players should be prepared to invest in the future of the galaxy.

3 Build a fleet in the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game

In another Rebels vs. Empire game, the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game launches players into the vastness of space to engage in dogfights between agile gunships on both sides. Each ship has its own movement parameters, actions and statistics, so there is also a level of strategy in the game.

Players attempt to complete missions that vary through modifier cards. The starter pack comes with a small selection of ships and there’s a whole fleet of crafting to add and collect, but the best part is that they’re already painted.

2 Join the Galactic Civil War in Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a strategic combat game for up to five players. There are two modes to play the game, including a story campaign set at the height of the Galactic Civil War and a skirmish mode that pits one player against another in all-out war.

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault comes with detailed miniatures, though they could use a touch of paint, and there are also several expansion packs, adding new missions, settings, characters, and vehicles. Both modes offer great star wars experience, but the story mode is slightly better and allows more players to join the fight.

1 Star Wars: Rebellion is full of memorable encounters

Star Wars: Rebellion is an epic galactic war game between the Empire and the Rebels. The Empire has a massive army of soldiers and a fleet of powerful starships, seeking to crush the rebels by any means necessary. The Rebels, though outnumbered, have the ability to rally other planets to join the fight against the Empire.

Players can recreate moments from the original trilogy, like Luke training with Yoda or Han Solo frozen in carbonite. The game features over 30 well-known planets from the franchise, as well as 150 plastic miniatures. Although the game looks massive, and it is, the stories within are very personal and only true heroes will claim victory.

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