10 Best Escape Room Board Games, Ranked

Escape rooms are increasingly being used as a form of immersive entertainment. Groups gather in an enclosed location to find clues, solve puzzles, and hopefully secure the conditions for their escape. Most of the plays have a complex theme with an overarching narrative supporting the mystery.

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Although the full experience cannot be replicated adequately at home, tabletop escape rooms have become a popular genre in the world of board games. Although by their nature they can only be played once, each game provides hours of challenging entertainment for players as they search for the correct solution.

10/10 Hunt A Killer Brings A Nancy Drew Story To Life

Hunt a Killer: Mystery at Magnolia Gardens applies the escape room style of board games to a classic Nancy Drew murder mystery. Using a carefully crafted set of documents, players must solve the mystery at the heart of the poisoning at Magnolia Gardens.

While it doesn’t feature a typical “escape the room” scenario, it still uses the same method of clues leading to solutions that lead to more clues. The player, stepping into the shoes of Nancy Drew herself, must use all the information at their disposal to uncover the identity of the attacker before he can cause further harm.

9/10 Tales of Escape: Faint Memory approaches the story from multiple angles

Escape Tales is a line of story-based escape-style board games by Board&Dice. little memory is the futuristic story of a woman who wakes up to find her house torn apart and no memory of the night before.

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She attempts to use a memory scanner to determine what happened but finds the situation far more complex than she could have imagined. little memory challenges players to observe the same events from three different angles and solve puzzling puzzles to determine the right course of action.

8/10 Escape The Room: The Cursed Dollhouse Goes Three-Dimensional

While most escape room type games use two-dimensional documents and props to advance their players through the game, Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse takes the concept to another level. After investigating the disappearance of several local children, players discover a strange dollhouse.

Players build and explore each room of a three-dimensional dollhouse as they attempt to unravel its mysteries and escape unscathed. Another advantage of this particular game is its online hint system, helping players of all skill levels to keep advancing through the story.

7/10 Exit – The Catacombs Of Horror expands on the success of the series

Output: the game is one of the biggest names in escape table games. However, The Catacombs of Horror stands out among their ever-growing list of titles. Located in the catacombs beneath the city of Paris, this particular Go out The title differs from its cohorts as it features a two-part challenge rather than a single requirement for victory.

Go out always provide good props in their games, and catacombs is no exception as it features multiple themed documents, miniature skulls, and a tealight to use to solve puzzles.

6/10 Open! Epic Adventures is three games in one box

Open! is another well-known series of escape games. Where Go out tends to have a more photorealistic and gritty aesthetic, Open! games tend to be more whimsical and colorful.

The Epic Adventures collection offers three scenarios: The seventh screeningan incident at a horror movie premiere; The Seven Trials of the Dragon, a test for new disciples at the Temple of the Golden Dragon; and Assignment #07, a mission to discover the traitor in a secret organization. Including three games in the same box allows players to play more for less, which is essential for games that can only be played once.

5/10 Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experience Ups The Hedge

Mattel Escape room in a box series is often best known for its Backtrack entry, but many players have declared their preference for The Werewolf Experience. The Werewolf Experience asks players to discover the antidote to their lycanthropic affliction before time runs out.

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Props are actual objects rather than cardboard game pieces and are appropriately immersive in theme, including a syringe and several containers secured with combination locks. An advantage for Escape room in a box is that its titles can accommodate larger groups; Jthe werewolf experience allows up to eight players.

4/10 Escape Room: The game set up The Foundation

Escape room: the game, when first published in 2016, capitalized on the genre when it was still relatively unexplored. While many escape room games are now in the market, Escape Room: The Game still holds his. One of the most important features of this title is the Chrono Decoder, which is used to solve all storylines in the base game: Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and Temple of the Aztecs.

Another unique factor of Escape Room: The Game is its mechanism for punishing incorrect answers, as submitting wrong guesses to the Chrono Decoder will remove the countdown time.

3/10 Open! Heroic Adventures combines some of their best

Another three in one Open! the entrance is Heroic Adventures. This collection contains Sherlock Holmes, Chasing the White Rabbitand Insert part. The first two are classic escape room themes, adapting the adventures of famous detective Sherlock Holmes and iconic literary figure Alice in Wonderland.

Insert part follows players on a digital quest through a video game that requires them to win the game to get out. For multilingual players, the three games in this Open! collection are also available individually in German.

2/10 Scooby-Doo: Escape From The Haunted Mansion is the best of both worlds

While many licensed board games fail to capture the essence of the hardware they adapt, Scooby-Doo: Haunted Mansion Escape does it perfectly. It’s not just a singular example of integrating outside source material into a game, but combines the world of scooby-doo perfectly with the escape game genre.

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Each member of Mystery Inc. has a unique interactive ability to explore and discover details of the environment. This design challenges players to play with each character’s strengths so they can solve puzzles quickly and efficiently.

1/10 Exit – The Abandoned Shack is a classic of the genre

Among the most popular escape games online, Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Hut was one of the first very popular games of its kind. Even as it gets older, players still tend to rank it top for the quality of its puzzles and the credibility of its theme.

Although the props are simpler than the other entries, consisting mostly of a multi-ring decoder wheel and several colored cards, the Abandoned Cabin still presents an intriguing challenge. With the cabin locked around them, players must find a way out of the shelter remotely using only what they can find inside.

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